Some words about me

You see, I have lived in this amazing and exciting town of Chau Doc for a couple of years now.

thomas in Chau Doc Town

Me, in 2011

And as a somewhat restless person at heart, I have always enjoyed walking, cycling or driving around Chau Doc in my spare time, looking for new restaurants at which to eat, or new bars or nightclubs to visit, or out-of-the-way museums where I can learn something new about this city I now call home.
And during those travels I have had the pleasure of seeing a large part of what Chau Doc has to offer in terms of attractions and interesting things to do.
I have eaten at some wonderful restaurants and bars, the variety and quality of food of which I could never have gotten in my home country.
I have also visited some eye opening museums that have helped me learn so much more about the history and culture of Chau Doc and Vietnam as a whole.
Having said this, I have also visited some pretty horrendous places as well…
….but let’s not dwell on that.
In many ways though, when I first arrived in Chau Doc town I was lucky.
I already knew some people here who were already well established and settled in Chau Doc


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