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RV La Marguerite

rivervessel 46 Bedroom 50 Bathroom

River cruising along the Mekong at a gentle pace and soaking up the scenery enriches one's life experience. An antidote to the pressures of modern day living. Perfect for all gourmet lovers and culture seekers.

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River Vessel La Marguerite raises the bar of river cruising in the Mekong Delta, offering unparalleled cruise experience, top notch excursions between Saigon and Siem Reap. World Class paired gourmet dining experiences add sparks to your personal journey while its carefully researched excursions to cultural destinations allows for passion revival.
La Marguerite is the first river vessel of esteemed  First Choice Cruise Company where its reputation is derived from direct endorsements from its travelers.


La Marguerite aims to promote Vietnam’s and Cambodian culture and heritage worldwide.

The Vision
La Marguerite main purpose is beyond pragmatic pursuit of profits, but rather a dynamic activities and re-construction of cultural, colonial and unique cruise experiences of Indochina and elevation of Indochina’s heritage and culture. By doing so, apply history to the life of the general public and specifically, our travelers. La Marguerite qualified, experienced and motivated crew and staff is trained to exceed traveler’s expectation.

The Responsibility
The first responsibility is to passengers and partners. Its products and services must always be of the highest quality and be the market leader. And bookings must be promptly attended too. Its trade channels buyers must make a fair profit. The second responsibility is to those who work with us, they must have a sense of security in their jobs. Wages must be fair and adequate. Management is just, hours reasonable and working condition nurturing. Managers & Supervisors are qualified and fair minded. Each crew member must be considered an individual, standing on his own dignity & merit. The third responsibility is to Management. Our executive must be person of talent, education, experience and ability. They must possess common sense and full understanding. The fourth responsibility is to the local communities and authorities. We will support environmental friendly project and local charity. We promote civic improvements, health, education, invest back into the local communities and make them part of the development of responsible Tourism.

Responsible Tourism
New river vessel RV La Marguerite takes proactive approach to answering modern day travelers’ calls for the need for operators to adopt responsible tourism ethos as her operating mantra.

Just a Book program is inspired by the passion of Vietnam born French novelist Marguerite Duras who inspired the creation of RV La Marguerite.

This program encourages all travelers to bring with them their favorite novel and donate to schools where RV La Marguerite sails. Travelers are also highly encouraged to pen their personal thoughts inside the books. These are words of hope and form the basis of cultural exchanges between differing nations. Books could be given to our team members at registration, and the team shall consolidate them and distribute to the schools quarterly.

School children in Cai Be, Sadec, Tan Chau, Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Cham, and Cheung Kok Eco Tourism Village will benefit from this program. The books encourages literary rates and hence allows the children or future leaders of the world to make informed life choices as their knowledge, imagination, and horizons broadens.

RV La Marguerite is the river vessel of Indochina Sails. The first colonial vessel replica sailing between Saigon and Siem Reap along the Mekong Delta, La Marguerite aims to make positive impact on conservation of natural and cultural heritage via its carefully chosen itineraries at various ports of calls. Travelers are able to play an important role in preserving and shaping the world’s diversity as they show the host communities how the values of learning the ethnic traditions and encourages greater understanding between differing cultures.

Travelers visit silk workshops, rice paper-making workshops, matsmaking workshops, and travel on local rickshaws to truly experience the local cultures. Cruising with RV La Marguerite is more than a luxe cruise along the Mekong, it is about making an informed lifestyle choices that would help preserve local dream time that would be passed down from generations to generations.

La Marguerite engages local guides, facilities, and services to generate greater economic benefits for the local peoples through meaningful human connections. Travelers play direct roles in building local pride and confidence, thus enhancing the local lifestyles and life chances.
Cruise Accommodation
Twin beds form into double bed placings. The cabins are equipped with air-conditioning, wardrobe, writing desk, sofa, mini-bar, safe box, in-house telephone, bathroom & shower, hairdryer, in-house television, kimono and slippers. Each cabin measures 19.7m2.

Sadec Suite
King size bed, long sofa, bathroom with bathtub and separate shower. The cabins are equipped with air-conditioning, wardrobe, writing desk, sofa, mini-bar, safe box, in-house telephone, hairdryer, in-house television, kimono and slippers. Each cabin measures 26.4m2.

Indochina Suite
King size bed, bathroom with Jacuzzi and separate shower and private balcony. The cabins are equipped with air-conditioning, wardrobe, writing desk, sofa, mini-bar, safe box, in-house telephone, hairdryer, in-house television, kimono and slippers. Each cabin measures 41.2m2.

Interior Decor
The contemporary interiors incorporate colonial French details and ornaments, local artifacts and Mekong styled furniture to replicate a true colonial feel set in premier and luxurious comforts.

Emergency & Food Safety
Smoke detectors are placed in all cabins and public places. Emergency lighting and generator, fire hydrants and fire hoses, fire extinguishers and life jackets are carefully selected for your comfort and safety.
RV La Marguerite follows strict control of food handling related to the receipt, storage, processing, display, packaging & transportation are strictly adhered to for your total enjoyment and safety.
All crew members of the RV La Marguerite are trained in both emergency and non-emergency First Aid.

Overview &Technical Data:
Length : 71.6m
Main length : 65.6m
Width : 12.5 m
Depth : 1.8 m
Free Board : 1.5 m
Air Draft : 9.65 m
Engines : 2 x 700 h/p (Yanmar)
Generator : 2 x 320 Kva Cat (USA)
Crew : 38 (International)
Passenger cabins : 46
Passenger berths : 92
Registry : VIRES S1
Home port : Saigon
Build in Vietnam : July 2009
Ship Design : Colonial
Interior Design : Boutique
Amenities: Onboard laundry, Bakery, Fully equipped galley and refrigeration storages, Air-conditioning in all inside areas, restaurant, bar, library, gym and spa
Safety: Smoke Detector in all cabin and Public places, Emergency lighting and generator, fire pump, hydrants and hoses, fire extinguisher, life jacket for all on board and life raft.
Water: Treatment plants for desalination, de-sedimentation and purification using UV and osmosis.
Sewage: Micro biotic treatment plants

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RV La Marguerite Cruise 8D7N from Saigon

RV La Marguerite Cruise 8D7N from Siem Reap